LD Consulting

Shaping a world that works for everyone.


is your strategic thought partner.

We help our clients break down and solve complex problems by collaborating across all levels and functions of an organization. We focus on facilitating clients through strategic design and planning sessions, mapping organizational readiness for adoption and change, and supporting implementation and end-user adoption.


centers on anti-racism, equity, & inclusion.

With equity and inclusion at the core of everything we do, we work internally to train deeply in equity and inclusion practices, and apply it to all our processes, especially our hiring.


love to learn!

We continue to sharpen our skills and improve upon earned experiences by attending training sessions, conferences, and seminars that provide each member of our team with key certifications, information, and mastery of the cutting-edge technology and processes that empower each of us to help drive our clients forward.

At LD Consulting we empower companies to create a more connected and inclusive world.

We are an engaged team of strategic thought partners bound by a common desire to do good for organizations and the community at large. With expertise in a broad range of disciplines, from energy engineering and project management to community engagement and process improvement (and more!), we take pride in filtering each of our projects through an equity and anti-bias lens.

We believe that complex problems can best be solved with novel solutions that may have never been tried before, and by listening deeply to the quietest voice in the room. Our work adapts to meet the evolving needs of your organization, aiming to foster a more inclusive culture and accelerate positive growth.


Our core values.

We stand for positive growth.

We believe that growth requires change, and that courage, discomfort, and sacrifice are the necessary elements of positive change. Our behaviors define our identity, and we choose our behaviors based on a disciplined adherence to our core values.

Ultimately, our values pave our pathway to positive growth and positive, transformational change.

Do our values align with yours? Let’s collaborate!

Our firm exists to guide our partners through the ambiguous, uncomfortable, and often messy process of achieving sustained growth.

We chart the unknown terrain & identify the most promising paths forward

We present a full perspective of options, have the experience to build and execute strategy, and relish the adventure of tackling the complexity of the unknown.

Our areas of expertise.

Strategic Planning

Short and long-term planning



Vision, Mission, & Equity Commitments

Program Design & Launch


SWOT analyses

Equity & anti-racism practices & tools (equity lens assessments, barrier assessments, equity metrics)

Process development

Program Implementation

Program & project management

Equity & anti-racism, community outreach & engagement

Energy efficiency measure development

Engineering reviews & technical studies

Continuous Process Improvement

Frameworks, process review, facilitation, change management, & coaching

Customer insights (community engagement, customer journey mapping, surveys, focus groups, & research

Energy Engineering Consultations

Measure Development

Custom Studies

Industrial high tech mechanical facilities (operations, design, equipment)

Mechanical Engineering Consultations

Are we a good fit? Let's find out!

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LD Consulting celebrates our status as a certified minority and women-owned business established in 2020. Since our inception, we have forged partnerships across a range of industries including aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing, footwear and apparel, nonprofit and governmental agencies, utilities, and the energy efficiency sectors.

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